Porch Rebuild

brick front porch

The porch is an important part of a home, but when it starts to deteriorate, there are many complications that can cause further damage to your home or even compromise the safety of you and your guests. This is why it is crucial for porch rebuild services to be completed promptly before someone gets hurt. Our talented team at Resurrection Brick is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship they can trust.

Porch Rebuilding vs. Porch Capping

During your free inspection, our team of experts will assess the severity of your porch deterioration and recommend a subsequent repair plan that will lead to long-lasting results. If the outer wall of your porch is compromised, the inner wall will start to crumble and lose its integrity. As a result, the porch cap will begin to shift, sink, or crack. Because the porch cap is typically the last thing to weaken, our team recommends completing a porch rebuild rather than porch capping. Porch capping can be viewed as a temporary fix because if the inner and outer walls are not also repaired, the porch cap will shift, sink or crack once again. Our team believes in taking the long-lasting, reliable approach to porch rebuilds.

Professional Porch Rebuild Services

Whether you need a complete porch rebuild or you would like to convert your cinderblock porch to a brick porch, the talented and reliable team at Resurrection Brick has you covered. During our porch rebuild, we construct new inner and outer walls and pour a new concrete cap. Our careful rebuild process will provide you with a new and improved porch that has sound structural integrity.

Don’t wait. Restore your home to its former glory with expert porch rebuild services from Resurrection Brick. Contact our talented team today to schedule your porch rebuild!

Above & Beyond!

"Very hardworking and respectable. You won't find anyone better to give you a great deal and amazing work. They go above and beyond all expectations." - Lindsey, Macomb

Highly Recommend!

"Brandon and his team were very easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable about getting the job done. They did a great job on our chimneys and brick repair. Would highly recommend them!" - Kim, Sterling Heights

Great Price!

"Great company! They saved my retaining wall! The tree roots broke the wall, but this team resurrected it fast and at a great price. I highly recommend." - Mike, Macomb