Chimney Rebuild

before and after chimney rebuild

There are substantial risks associated with a damaged chimney, including water leakages, critter infestations, and safety concerns. Once the deterioration of a chimney begins, the damage will become increasingly worse over time. At Resurrection Brick, we understand the frustration that develops when a chimney starts to deteriorate, and we are here to provide you with the guidance and professional services you need for your chimney rebuild.

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Chimney deterioration will significantly worsen with time, especially during the harsh Michigan winters. The longer you wait to repair your chimney, the more extensive and costly the repairs will be. The deterioration will typically begin near the top of the chimney, and it will work its way down due to water absorption in the brick. In the winter, that water will freeze and melt within your brick and mortar, causing the faces of your brick to break off. Our chimney experts will take time to assess the damage and determine whether only a section needs to be repaired or if the entire chimney needs to be rebuilt.

Your Brick Replacement Experts

Brick matching is important, and at Resurrection Brick, we purchase from some of the largest brick suppliers in Michigan to ensure the new bricks match the original bricks on your home during your chimney rebuild. Our chimney repair specialists will check all of our sources and provide the homeowner with quality brick samples. Once we get the final approval from the homeowner, we will begin our chimney rebuild process.

At Resurrection Brick, we take great care in determining whether a chimney needs to be repaired or fully rebuilt. Contact our masonry experts today to learn more about our chimney rebuild services or to schedule your free full-home inspection.

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"Very hardworking and respectable. You won't find anyone better to give you a great deal and amazing work. They go above and beyond all expectations." - Lindsey, Macomb

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"Brandon and his team were very easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable about getting the job done. They did a great job on our chimneys and brick repair. Would highly recommend them!" - Kim, Sterling Heights

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"Great company! They saved my retaining wall! The tree roots broke the wall, but this team resurrected it fast and at a great price. I highly recommend." - Mike, Macomb