Brick Repair

brick wall

Have you noticed cracked or chipped bricks on your home? These signs of physical brick deterioration will cause the damage to become progressively worse if they are not repaired quickly. Delaying these repairs will only lead to more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Our brick repair experts will provide you with the masonry services you need to restore your home.

The Experts at Brick Replacement

It’s not only important to have your bricks replaced properly; it’s also critical to the outdoor aesthetics of your home to make sure the replacement bricks match your existing bricks to perfection. At Resurrection Brick, we purchase from some of the largest brick suppliers in Michigan during our matching process. Our team of brick repair experts will check all of our sources and provide the homeowner with quality samples. Once we get the final approval from the homeowner, we will begin our brick repair process.

High-Quality Brick Repair Services

Laying brick is an art form, and at Resurrection Brick, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with neat-looking, professional services. Our customers can expect most of our projects to begin within one week of the free brick inspection, and the majority of our brick repairs take only one day to complete. The last step of our project always involves a final walkthrough with the homeowners to ensure they are fully satisfied with our services.

Free Brick Inspection

Our detail-oriented team is proud to offer a thorough free brick inspection to our customers. During this process, a bricklaying professional will conduct an inspection of your entire house looking for any signs of deterioration. After this inspection, you will be provided with information from their findings and discuss their recommendations and a detailed plan to restore your home.

Don't wait until the deterioration gets worse. Contact us today to learn more about our brick repair services or to schedule your free full-home inspection!

Above & Beyond!

"Very hardworking and respectable. You won't find anyone better to give you a great deal and amazing work. They go above and beyond all expectations." - Lindsey, Macomb

Highly Recommend!

"Brandon and his team were very easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable about getting the job done. They did a great job on our chimneys and brick repair. Would highly recommend them!" - Kim, Sterling Heights

Great Price!

"Great company! They saved my retaining wall! The tree roots broke the wall, but this team resurrected it fast and at a great price. I highly recommend." - Mike, Macomb