Michigan Porch Repair

brick porch

Your porch is one of the first things guests see when they arrive at your home. Every homeowner wants a porch that not only has curb appeal, but is also structurally sound and safe for their guests. At Resurrection Brick, we have a team of masonry specialists that will provide you with the Michigan porch repair services that fit your specific needs.

High-Quality Porch Repair Services

Porch deterioration will become rapidly worse over time, especially during Michigan winters. There are several signs of porch deterioration that homeowners must be aware of. If your porch has cracked/chipped brick or missing mortar, our masonry experts may recommend a more basic porch repair, including tuckpointing or brick replacement. If the deterioration has progressed, and your porch is shifting, sinking, crumbling, or pulling away from your home, a porch rebuild may be required to reinstate its structural integrity. Our masonry experts will provide you with the recommendations and services you need to eliminate both the safety hazards and water damage associated with a deteriorating porch.

Our masonry specialists provide the following porch repair services:

Risks Associated with a Deteriorating Porch

In order to eliminate the risks associated with a rapidly deteriorating porch, it’s important for porches to be repaired promptly. These risks include:

  • Water Damage

  • Critter Infestation

  • Safety Concerns

  • And More

Don’t let a deteriorating porch bring down the look of your home. Resurrection Brick is dedicated to delivering exceptional Michigan porch repair services to our customers. Contact our team of masonry professionals today for all of your porch repair needs.

Above & Beyond!

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"Brandon and his team were very easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable about getting the job done. They did a great job on our chimneys and brick repair. Would highly recommend them!" - Kim, Sterling Heights

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"Great company! They saved my retaining wall! The tree roots broke the wall, but this team resurrected it fast and at a great price. I highly recommend." - Mike, Macomb